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Summer is our favorite time of the year because there’s nothing better than a warm summer night!

We love to pair clothes that easily transition from day wear to night wear with the change of accessories or shoes. The perfect example for this is our beautiful ROMPER! You can wear rompers during the day for some afternoon shopping with sandals and change into sexy platforms for a summer night dinner or walk beside the beach! If you’re lucky enough to live near the beach, you should be walking beside it every night with either your man, best friend, or a family member. There is something about the warm, salty ocean breeze and the waves crashing against the sand that will make you think about your purpose in life, where your life is heading, or the fact that you just came across this amazing little website called Você Boutique! Our purpose is to help you become the beautiful fashionista that you’ve always wanted to be!

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Now back to the important stuff… Since the look is for a night out, we went with this amazing romper and recommend just a few accessories, and a bold colored hand bag to complete the look. Go ahead and buy it… You won’t be disappointed and everyone will be asking where you got your outfit from! Você Boutique! #voceb

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